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Interfaces residencies

Interfaces - artists residencies in Brussels 

Q-O2 workspace, in the framework of the Interfaces European network, has invited eleven artists for residencies in Brussels of one to two months. Practitioners, theorists, and educators working with sound, music, site-specific and/or participatory strategies will get the opportunity to research and realise projects which look at ways to connect to the city, experimental modes of producing knowledge, and discursive or educational formats.

The artists :

Alice Pamuk (FR/BE) is a visual artist living and working in Brussels. She typically works with sound, video, and text.

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (CA/UK) is a media artist, whose primary material is the voice; through audio-guides, scores, and performances.

BolwerK (BE) is an Antwerp-based activist and performer; exploring software and hardware based thinking as strategies for activism. She creates interfaces, devices, & protocols to investigate questions around the commons and collective identities.

Isabelle Stragliati (FR) is a sound artist, field recordist, radio producer, musician and DJ living in Grenoble.

Jonathan Frigeri (IT/BE) is a musician, DJ, and curator of Radio Picnic (Radio Residency Program) and lives in Brussels.

Justin Bennett’s (UK/NL) work uses field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, photographs, videos and essays, focussing on urban development, technological progress and the relationship between architecture and sound, with an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ’space’.

Sound sculptor, improviser and instrument-maker Klaas Hübner (DE) has developed a body of work which honours sound as a live medium with which to craft, shape and play in realtime. His playful practice ranges from installation based works, to live improv, to theatre and sound design.

Lucie Vítková is a Czech composer, improviser and performer (accordion, voice, harmonica, hichiriki and tap dance).

Melissa Logan’s approach is critical towards social structures, such as gender roles, national identity and ecology. She is an interdisciplinary artist, who is a part of the collective Chicks On Speed, a feminist music-and art ensemble, formed in Munich in 1997, around performance art, electronic dance music, collage graphics, textile design and fashion. Originally from New York, she now lives in Cologne.

Paulo Dantas is a Brazilian teacher, performer, sound technician, composer / sound artist and improviser.

Wederik De Backer is a Belgian radio maker, specialising in radio fiction and radio documentary, and everything that lies in between.

The residencies are realised in partnership with organisations BNA-BBOT, MAAC, RoSa, Constant, Nadine, WOLKE, and others t.b.c.

These residencies take place in the framework of the Interfaces network and are co-funded by the Creative Europe project of the European Union.