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Call for international participation Sound Postcards

Listen to the World launches a call for participation addressed to students in art, design and architecture for the creation of sound postcards. Each sound postcard will include a sound creation and a visual design, which is the subject of this call for participation.

The format of this visual creation is free: drawing, photo, collage, model, video, animation, graphic design, illustration,... What imaginary, what memory, what story, which question rises from listening ? The submitted visual work must express a sensitive and subjective listening experience.


The sound files can be listened here:

The sounds will be accompanied by a fact sheet explaining and describing the context. The sound creations concern the following cities: Paris, Venice, Brussels and Dakar. For each city, there will be 3 sound proposals. Each participant can submit a visual creation proposal for the city of his or her choice. Visual creations must be sent in the following resolutions:

1024 X 578 | 72 DPI for photos

1920 X 1080 | MP4 for animated images

Winners will be asked to send these items in 300 DPI. Each visual creation should be supported by an intention note (maximum 1 page). Proposals should be sent to This call for participation is open until 30 March. The jury will meet on 9 April.


The visual creations of the winners will be published on RFI’s website and on the future platform Listen to the World. They will also be printed in the form of a 1000 copies postcards (non-commercial purpose), thus ensuring more visibility for young European and international designers.

These creations will also be exhibited at the Palazzo Pisani in Venice in May 2018, at the launch of the Listen to the World platform.


Listen to the World, a European project that aims to relate the world through the sounds of everyday life. Sound weaves stories and can be a precise witness of an era, a society, a moment. It is a vector of information, memories and imagination. Listen to the World wants to develop practice and listening skills.

Initiated and directed by Monica Fantini, author of the program Listen to the World at RFI, this project counts as partners: the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory in Venice, the E-Jicom - journalism and new media school in Dakar and the association of inhabitants BNA-BBOT in Brussels.The Listen to the World internet platform, which will address both the general pu- blic and professionals, will be launched on May 26th 2018 during an event open to the public at the Palazzo Pisani in Venice.