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A potential history

Who is telling the truth? That is no longer the question. 
Felix Guattari, Chaosmose.

 Bruxelles Nous Appartient-Brussel Behoort Ons Toe creates a history and memory of the city by collecting, archiving and using sound data. Testimonies, snippets of conversations, monologues, songs, soundscapes or raw sounds, nearly 25,000 sound data form a public, polyphonic and multilingual history of Brussels. This is a form of long-term documentary experience, which not only aims to capture the voices and sounds that pass by, but also to create multiple forms to make them heard in various contexts and formats: radio documentaries, sound plays, installations in public spaces, exhibitions, publications, radio shows, audio walks, podcasts, etc.

A database, a soundmap and a webradio list and diffuse all the sound archives in a complementary way. Participatory, freely accessible and updated weekly, they tell the story of the city as it is sometimes, as it may have been and as it could be. A practice that is as much experimental as it is experienced, both organic and organised, multiplying points of view on history as well as narrative possibilities, opening up perspectives on the city of today and tomorrow with a focus on inclusiveness and empowerment. 

BNA-BBOT works with many local, regional and international partners, with a wide range of audiences, as well as with artists and audiovisual collectives.

The BNA-BBOT project is in line with the Slow Media approach and theEquality in Audio Pact


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