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radio tout-le-temps

Radio Tout le Temps

Tijdstroom Radio tout-le-temps is the webradio of BNA-BBOT. It has been broadcasting continuously since Thursday 24 February 2022 and will, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, continue to do so until forever. It broadcasts random fragments of our database but can also be programmed or curated in a more specific way. It is an open platform in which citizens, artists and organisations can participate. 

Our database contains 25,000 sound fragments. No one has ever listened to the entire collection it houses. To listen to it all, an individual would have to devote 1,458 hours to it, or approximately 61 days and nights, without interruption. radio tout-le-temps offers this sound collection a place for sharing and spontaneous narratives, created from the random linking of isolated stories, which then form a new narrative. 

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